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Exploit: Durch Wände schießen

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Exploit: Durch Wände schießen Empty Exploit: Durch Wände schießen

Beitrag  Xunila am So Jan 06, 2013 5:48 pm

Ab sofort ist das Schießen/Kämpfen durch Wände hindurch ein Exploit. Die wohl einzige Ausnahme besteht im Earthquake Zauber.

From this day forward we have decided that since the palisade walls are not stopping attacks and actions properly It will now be deemed illegal to perform any action including spells, abilities, and even attacks through them. This is very difficult rule to enforce therefore we will not allow such actions through the visual gaps either to avoid confusion. The only exception to this rule and I mean ONLY exception is Area Of Effect spells such as Earthquake which do not require line of sight. If you are caught doing this you will face the same consequences as exploiting. This will be in place from now on until the code is fixed to avoid unfair exploitation.

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Exploit: Durch Wände schießen Xunila11

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