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Patch 01.02.13

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Patch 01.02.13 Empty Patch 01.02.13

Beitrag  Xunila am Fr Feb 01, 2013 1:11 am


None-player made shields should now no longer impact your swing. (there you go Bronzen).
Fixed traces on a couple of spear heads
Fixed traces on a couple of crushing heads
Fixed traces on a couple of axe heads


Added a some new titles for dominators.
Fixed an issue where the first title couldn't be selected, and one account title was missing.


Fixed an issue where you could attack yellows with your pets.
Fixed issues when the ai hitting you with skills that had special effects while you were mounted.


Eating poisoned food no longer increase your passive/active generation. Both skills are used to determin the outcome thou.
You now only gain skill in passive generation when the skill acctually increases you HP.


Fixed some timing issues with the demonic sphere attack.
None-player made shields will now also be carried on the back when not equipped.
Fixed up several issues with none-player made shields not using the correct mesh. Note that this will only apply to shields picked up AFTER patch.
Added a sound/effect and cooldown on crafting.


Added a new update to all the crafting UI this should solve the issue those windows had with adding stacks that where created in your inventory after the UI was opened.
Fixed a couple of issues with the crafting window wasn't correctly showing it's preview.
Improved the fail messages for crafting to make it more clear what you are doing wrong.
Increased the update rate of inventory info.
Added a queue system for updates to the inventory info to avoid it taking to much CPU when you get a lot of updates at once.
Added several checks on the armor-crafting to avoid confusion.
Fixed up a couple of things in the weapon-crafting window that could cause confusion. Most of them where rules about what handle can be used with what blade and how that showed up in the preview.
Added more checks for moving around equipped items to make sure nothing goes bananas.
Weapon tooltips should now correctly show piercing damage.
Rebalanced some of the min/max used to tooltips.
Added some loading animations and cleaned up broker UI.


Rebuilt parts of the timing sync with the server to make sure clients that don't restart when the server restarts keep in sync with the server.
Rebalanced the chance to get a chemical reactions when combining potions a bit.
Added a silent stun timer to mounting and unmounting to avoid spam causing issues.
Fixed issue where the materials of player made weapons would sometimes stick even when switching to a weapon that had custom materials.
Fixed an issue where switching from a player-made weapon would sometimes keep the old mesh if the new weapon was not player-made.
Added more checks when buying from keep-staff to make sure the buyer in question is in the correct guild.


New command added: /endhelpchat this will take you out of the helpchat and you will no longer recive any messages from it.
Added a very simple /stuck command. It takes 10 sec to execute and will force move you a bit upwards. Always good to try before contacting a GM.

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Patch 01.02.13 Xunila11

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