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Patch Notes MO

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Patch Notes MO Empty Patch Notes MO

Beitrag  Mo-ack am Mi Mai 08, 2013 4:37 am

Re-added custom meshes for important NPCs based on what city they are in.
Moved and renamed the Molva Equipment Master.
Fixed issue with not being able to lock house chests.
Fixed item issue that did break the world-chest/pilfer features among other things.
Reduced the impact of the leg size parameter on dynamic horses.
Fixed issue where you could have your pets attack/follow itself by using the all pets commands.
Slightly reduced the chance part of the inbreeding check.
Fixed issues with magic on the new mounts.
Fixed an issue where some dynamic stats on mounts wouldn't correctly be used and was set to the minimum that mount could have.
"All pets"-commands for AI-modes now work.
Re-balanced pet food to account for the increased size of pets.
Dexterity now have more impact on mount turn speed.
You now gain 10 times more XP from taming/dominating creatures.
Molva-figures will now be usable. Once clicked the statue will give you a tamed Molva. (contact a GM if your statues haven't converted)
Improved AI distance, they should now more correctly keep their distance to players rather then running into them.*
Fixed the charge type of attack on all creatures.*
Added a 5 sec timeout on saving UI to avoid a complete game lock if it fails.
Fixed a issue that locked up the game for some players when they switched icons on the hotbar.
Fixed a bug where your text input would look squished when changing chat channels.
Changing categories in the noticeboard will no longer "fake select" a post.
Library filters and other functions should be working correctly again.
Tweaked Tindrem crowd volumes.
Fixed some issues with buildings being invisible in certain areas of Tindrem.
Territory Control
Lifting a guild-stone from a keep (by trading it to another player) will now remove the influence that keep has on the territory map.*
* Notes that have been server patched during daily downtime.

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Patch Notes MO Empty Re: Patch Notes MO

Beitrag  Addi am Mi Mai 08, 2013 4:55 am

endlich kann man wieder an seine chest`s im haus! juhu!!!!

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Patch Notes MO Empty Re: Patch Notes MO

Beitrag  Xunila am Mi Mai 08, 2013 4:58 am

Eigentlich handelt es sich nur viele Fehlerbehebungen zum letzten Patch.

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Patch Notes MO Xunila11

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Patch Notes MO Empty Re: Patch Notes MO

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