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Patch/Hotfix Patch Notes

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Patch/Hotfix Patch Notes Empty Patch/Hotfix Patch Notes

Beitrag  Mo-ack am Di Mai 14, 2013 4:46 am

New guild names are now correctly checked.
Fixed up a couple of issue with things in the Pet-Info not being sent to the correct pet.
Fixed issue with chat-pet commands not correctly working with pet names.
Guild names now restricted to 18 rather then 15 char.

Fixed an issue where hidden flag would reset after 5 min of login, or when swapping nodes when it should ONLY reset 5 min after dying.
Fixed issues with post-process being killed by the UI-post-process calls.
Fixed house sign crash.

Lower how much strength impacts the stamina drain of mounts.
Mount armor now correctly use piercing reduction from bows when mounted.

MFG Mo-ack/Stefan

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