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Patch 31.07.13

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Patch 31.07.13 Empty Patch 31.07.13

Beitrag  Xunila am Mi Jul 31, 2013 2:00 am

You now gain experience in Beast Mastery by having your pet fighting.
You now gain 20 times the experience in connections by getting caught and convincing the guard to NOT kill you.
Fixed issue where back-stab would do less damage then intended.
Fixed invisible item issue when un-equipping directly into a banked bag
Fixed invisible items when trading and receiving more items then you have free space in your inventory.
Fixed mount equipment going invisible when switching one saddle directly for another.
Added a function to make sure players have enough free space in their backpacks to get change back from vendors.
Fixed stable spelling errors.
Fixed cooking spelling errors.
Fixed a equerry crash.
Fixed glitch where stolen items could in some cases be stacked.
Fixed an issue where broker UI could break if you targeted a banker while having the UI open.
Fixed a glitch that could make items placed in houses/chests/loot etc go invisible when a item was placed on top of another.
Fixed issues where items that was being extracted but you moved too far away got invisible in your inventory.
Fixed static-move type for AI to fix sentries that spawn inside towers.
Use text for players that are in mercy mode will now correctly changed from "start trade" to "execute"
Rebuilt "find next slot" functions for faster and more secure execution.
Added support for Preload Streaming. (64 bits users)
Melee combat animations bumped to priority 2 from 3.
Ranged combat animations bumped to priority 2 from 3.
Combat walking increased by 5%
Added support for a new GM command that grants players the ability to enter spectator-mode. This is useful if you want to stream events or create movies.
Maul head volume slightly increased and blunt mod slightly reduced.
Risar axe slightly reduced blunt mod
Exceptional tindremic sword slightly increased slash dmg
Worn NorseClaymore slightly increased slash dmg
Some spelling issues have been fixed on icons and icon links.
Added support for waitTime after a AI attacks to make it easier to balance AI. to "execute"
Some ai attacks improved to sync dmg dealth in sync with animation.
Some attacks been reballanced on animals

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Patch 31.07.13 Xunila11

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