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Henrik über einen US-Server

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Henrik über einen US-Server Empty Henrik über einen US-Server

Beitrag  Xunila am Mi Dez 04, 2013 6:13 am

Henrik antwortete zu einer Diskussion über den Aufbau einen zweiten Servers in den USA, dass es keinen zweiten Server mit einer eigenen Welt geben wird.

A reminder which been discussed a bit in the past.

Mortal is not build as a normal multiplayer game where 1-50 ping is a must to compete as anyone else.
The game is build with a "delay" to support 200 ping without major issues, obviously when it starts to to way above that then the delay will start to be noticeable in specific gaming areas. But we can never totally avoid a delay in a large scale mmo like Mortal. Ofcourse packet loss does play a more important role, if you are using a wireless connection this could cause issues for many players.

The game is built around 1 world only, we add more server clusters when we need more space and support more players, these clusters can be located anywhere in the world. (As in possible having some land/continent located in US) However we are looking to expand our network tiers and routes to give everyone a more similar latency to our server. But we will always have 1 world server, so whatever happens in the game, happens in the same world for everyone, anyone can experience it and the history will be the same for everyone. No instances or separate servers with separate rule sets. This is one of the core features of Mortal Online.

Ever since our release we had the majority of our player base from US, and the majority of the so called best pvpers have been from US. Many of these have a ping around 150ish which is perfectly fine for Mortals network setup.

As we mentioned before, there are more room to optimize position packages, prediction and blocking system that players can notice a difference in how it behaves depending on players latency to the server and to client. We will not change in these fields at this point, as we want to be able to have full focus on it for a proper timeline when doing so again.

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Henrik über einen US-Server Xunila11

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Henrik über einen US-Server Empty Re: Henrik über einen US-Server

Beitrag  Tokala am Mi Dez 04, 2013 5:43 pm

2. server...XD wtf. es ist so schon kaum was los


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