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Patch in den nächsten Tagen - Video Wettbewerb Vorher-Nachher

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Patch in den nächsten Tagen - Video Wettbewerb Vorher-Nachher Empty Patch in den nächsten Tagen - Video Wettbewerb Vorher-Nachher

Beitrag  Xunila am Sa Dez 07, 2013 7:25 pm

Die Ankündigung  eines Vorher-Nachher-Video-Wettbewerbs deutet auf einen baldigen Patch hin:

Greetings, Mortals!

With the Donation Goal work coming to an end soon, we’d like to kick off the event with a contest.
We’re calling it the Before and After contest.

What we’re looking for are either screenshots or video captures from the game before the patch goes live, and afterwards. The before and after entries should be as similar as possible to each other, although being exactly the same is not required.

Contest Dates: From now until two weeks after the Textures and Animation patch goes live – 11:59pm PST.

Entry requirements: Photos and videos must be posted here on Facebook, or in the contest post on our forums (which will be created by Staff once the patch is live). One entry per person. In order to qualify for the Facebook entry, you must “Like” the main Mortal Online Facebook page. Entries for “Before” should be kept until the patch goes live, and then posted alongside (in the same post) the “After” entry. The entries that receive the most likes or positive forum ratings by the end of the contest period win!

Prizes: The top 2 entries on both Facebook and our Official Forums will receive a free month of game time, as well as their names listed in an official winners announcement here and on our Facebook page.

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Patch in den nächsten Tagen - Video Wettbewerb Vorher-Nachher Xunila11

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