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Update 22/11

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Update 22/11 Empty Update 22/11

Beitrag  Mo-ack am Do Nov 21, 2013 7:58 pm

Dear community,

I wanted to update everyone on what’s happening at Star Vault and the development.
It’s been a very sad period for me personally due to my father, and board member of Star Vault, has passed away, way too early. He had great passion for the development and game and followed it on a daily basis, he really enjoyed all those movies players made and it gave him a lot of good times the entire period. He gave me a lot of support when I was starting Star Vault and during the years of hard work. He will be greatly missed. This has obviously got me distracted from work a bit, and slow in communicating.

Also the down parts happened which it does to this type of game, we have been hit by individuals that break the law and attack our websites and servers. The good part is that it helps us to improve our current weakness, but it also affected some of the login sessions for players and access to our websites in different periods. We are working with a few companies to improve our situation in this field and we are also looking to take action towards the individuals that are doing these crimes.

A quick update on the character & armor patch that is next to go live.

All parts are now in place, and we are doing test sessions with our test team, as soon as this is approved we will go live with that patch. Next week’s test sessions should give us a proper estimation on when we can go live with this.


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