Mail Limit mit dem TC Patch

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Mail Limit mit dem TC Patch Empty Mail Limit mit dem TC Patch

Beitrag  Xunila am Sa Aug 16, 2014 5:48 pm

Mit TC werden verschickte Mails zurückbefohlen werden können, so lange sie nicht abgeholt worden sind. Dazu lassen sich sämtliche Mails mit einem Klick abholen, es gibt eine Maximalzeit bis zum Abholen, dann kehren die Mails auttomatisch zurück, ebenso beim Löschen von Charakteren.

Undf es gibt eine Maximalgrenze von ungefähr 40 Mails pro Stadt.


    Greetings everyone,

    With the implementation of TC will come a new mail system.

    Players will be able to cancel mail that's been sent, cancel CoD mails you receive, and take all your mail items at once. Mail will also time out after a given amount of time, as well as auto-return when the person who has mail in their inbox deletes their character. There will also be a hard item limit for both your inbox and outbox.

    What this also means is that when the patch goes live, ALL current mail will be returned. In order to help avoid any issues, we are asking that players who currently have a large amount of items sitting in their mailbox clear them out as soon as possible. With the item limit going in place, large mailboxes may not have all of the items returned properly, and Support will not be able to locate or reimburse items potentially lost due to this.

    Thank you for your attention to this issue.

Mail can get flooded but at that point you can no longer send or get any mail sent to you.
Sales that go through will no longer send a mail with money they will instead add to a single special mail you have in your inbox called "payments" (COD goes here to for example). That way payments don't take up as much space.
Buy orders that gets filled will always go to your mail even if it's full. But you won't be able to use it as regular mail while it's full.

You will never "lose" items just because the mail is capped, but people trying to send you stuff will get a msg that your mail is full and they can't.

If you have too many mails when the patch hits you have too many mails. The mail will be filled and you won't be able to use it as a regular mail as in people can't send you stuff using the mail, until you have sorted that out. No items will be removed.

Note that paymets sent to you pre-patch will NOT convert into the new payment slot, they will be their own individual items.

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Mail Limit mit dem TC Patch Xunila11

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