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Patch 29.08.13

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Patch 29.08.13 Empty Patch 29.08.13

Beitrag  Xunila am Do Aug 29, 2013 12:49 am


        Stolen/Illegal item icons now show more clearly that they are stolen or illegal.


        Further Optimized the new fall damage code.
        Improved the dynamic ladder code. It should now be easier to get off of a ladder once you reach the top. You will now also auto-stick to the ladder if you move backwards towards it while at top of it.
        Removed the stun you get when first climbing a ladder.
        Current stamina can now correctly go negative again.
        Running out of stamina will now correctly cancel attacks again.

    Bug Fixes

        Rat-Men posing animation has been fixed.
        Weapons’ special attacks such as Back Stab, Dual Strike etc. have been fixed.
        The Tindremic Hasta is now correctly kept on the players back.
        Improved the decay message for collapsed houses. A typo with houses has also been fixed.
        Fixed issues with 3rd person animations.
        Fixed other issues with the combat actions.
        Fixed an issue where AI wouldn't correctly update their size depending on their level.
        Fixed an issue where nodes that were saved by backup nodes wouldn't correctly update and save their territory towers.
        Fixed an issue where blacklists wouldn't work when nodes where saved by backup nodes.
        Fixed an issue where spawners saved in the database wouldn't correctly save their amount of spawned creatures.
        Fixed issue where pets could get stuck in breeding mode.

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Patch 29.08.13 Xunila11

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